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bulb beading-10

bulb beading-10
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Product Code : bulb-beading-9
Product Description

Bulb trim seals provide sealing and insulation for doors, hatches, and enclosures. These industrial rubber products have bulb and retainer sections that are made of different materials. The bulb section provides sealing and insulation under compressive force. The trim or retainer presses onto a flange or substrate.  Each section of the seal also has a different durometer or hardness to support proper compression.

In addition to bulb and trim materials, buyers and designers need to specify these part dimensions when choosing bulb trim seals.

  • Bulb size
  • Gap or edge thickness
  • Minimum bend radius

Most industrial rubber products are black, but bulb trim seals are used in a variety of product designs.  That's why Elasto Proxy also offers sealing solutions that come in colors such as white, off-white, beige, tan, and gray. We can also source bulb trim seals with specific textures. Many industrial rubber products are flat and smooth, but bulb trim seals with coarse, pebbly, or ribbed finishes are available.


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