Oil- and Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane O-Rings

Oil- and Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane O-Rings
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Product Code : o-ring-13
Product Description

Polyurethane o-rings are typically used for their excellent wear and abrasion resistance. As a thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane o-rings can be formulated in many different ways although typical polyurethane o-ring material are designed for sealing impact strength and drive belt applications.

More abrasion resistant than Buna-N O-rings, these polyurethane O-rings resist mineral oil, motor oil, and ethylene glycol. They have a round profile and are suitable for a wide range of static and dynamic sealing applications. All are sized to the SAE standard AS568.

Polyurethane rubber is a thermoplastic elastomer formed by reacting a polyol with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives. Polyurethane rubber is widely used due to its high strength, and excellent tear and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane also provides excellent permeation resistance.

polyurethane o-rings in standard inch and metric sizes, and polyurethane gaskets and polyurethane seals in custom profiles and configurations that are customized to your specifications.


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