S type beading

S type beading
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Product Code : rg-20
Product Description

This 'S' shaped rubber is suitable for small windows on boats, cars, caravans, etc. This S type rubber seals come in various sizes to fit different widths of panels and glass. Usually manufactured in EPDM they provide a solution for fitting glass or Perspex for both OEM production and replacement/aftermarket.

S type is a one piece glazing rubber. The glass will stand proud of the frame and will be slightly over size to the space it is going to fill.

GLASS FITTING GUIDELINES This will be a two-man job if you are unable to remove the frame from the cab (e.g. remove the door from the cab so that you are replacing the glass at ground level, possibly on a bench). First push the widest side of the rubber around the edge of the glass, cut off the excess rubber so that the two ends meet together exactly. On the other side of the rubber push in a length of cord (string or nylon), which is longer than the length of rubber, making sure that the two ends over lap each other by about 15 cm (6 inches). Place the glass over the frame making sure that the cord will be on the inside of the cab when in position.


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